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Oct 18th, 2021
Livdatcoin Paying

0.5% - 1% daily for 150 - 300 days (Principal Return) | 110% - 140% for 2 - 4 Weeks (Principal Included)

Oct 14th, 2021
Stronghold Paying

0.7% daily for 3 days | 0.9% daily for 7 days | 1.1% daily for 11 days | 1.5% daily for 15 days | 2% daily for 30 days

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PerfectMoney Payeer Epaycore Bitcoin
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Status: PAYING
Last Payout: Oct 4th, 2021
Our Investment: $201.00
Payout Ratio: 9% in profit
User's Rating: 10.0 / 2 votes
Min: 2$ Lifetime: 32 days
Withdraw: Manual Monitored: 26 days
Ref: 3%-1%-1%-1% hyiplogs.com HYIPBOX allmonitors.net HYIP.biz Advanced HYIP Statistics allhyipmonitors.com allmon.biz earnupdates.com
BTC Etherium Tron Usdt-trc Usdt-erc Support E-Mail SSL DDOS UNIQUE SCRIPT COMPANY
Investment Plan 1% every 3 days for 180 days | 1% every 2 days for 180 days | 1% every 3 days for 30 days

GreenCoin (G70) is a resilient cryptocurrency modeled on the structure of Ethereum . It is a decentralized peer-to-peer transactional currency designed to offer a solution to the problematic exponential growth of energy consumed by Bitcoin and other POW currencies. POW is environmentally unsustainable due to the electricity used by powerful mining equipment. GreenCoin uses an energy efficient POS algorithm, can be mined on any computer and never requires special mining hardware. Green Protocol Offers Simple Solution to Bitcoin Resilience Issues and provides a faster and more scalable blockchain that is better suited for day-to-day transactional use.

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